Final Fantasy XVI Will Release June 22, 2023

At long last, a release date has been declared for Final Fantasy XVI alongside a new trailer highlighting its protagonist, Clive Rosfield.

At the 2022 Game Awards, producer Naoki Yoshida took to the stage to thank fans for “keeping faith” with the dev team and presented the world premiere of a new trailer, dubbed “Revenge.”

The trailer confirms that Final Fantasy XVI will be available on June 22, 2023 on the PS5. The game’s PlayStation Store page now has the Standard and Digital Deluxe editions available for preorder, with preorder bonuses.

This new footage continues to tease the major inciting incident of Clive’s journey in Final Fantasy XVI, and has him musing on the nature of revenge: “Revenge is a weapon. I sometimes wonder if I am controlling it or if it’s controlling me.” Later we see him apparently awakening as a Dominant, as other characters did in the previous trailer, while trapped in Garuda’s mighty fist. Later he calls upon the Eikon’s power by name.

Among other things, we also see him and a party of allies taking on a dragon, and fighting back to back with Jill. Several Eikons show off: Odin cuts down a field of foes, Shiva unleashes Diamond Dust, and Gardua looks positively terrifying while towering over Clive. Clive and company ride across a desert on Chocobos at one point, and yes, you can pet his doggo, Torval.

The gameplay footage was shown without any UI elements, leaving this element of Final Fantasy XVI‘s design still up in the air. Now that we know it’s launching in six months, however, we can look forward to a playable demo coming around March, as the PR campaign enters full-swing.

On the PlayStation Store, the original Warrior of Light’s Braveheart weapon, a pair of Scholar’s Spectacles that increase experience, and an accessory based on Cait Sith’s paw are listed as early purchase incentives for both editions. The Digital Deluxe Edition will only include an additional digital mini artbook and soundtrack for a considerable price increase.

Square Enix’s international site lists Final Fantasy XVI‘s Deluxe Edition for $100 USD, with Steelbook depicting Clive, a cloth map of Valisthea, and a slipcase featuring a closeup of the game’s logo in black and white.

The Japanese Final Fantasy XVI website originally shared the details on a Collector’s Edition, which will cost ¥38,500 (approx. £230.77, $283.25 USD, or $384 CAD). Available as a “limited quantity product at Square Enix e-Store and Seven Net Shopping,” it will contain a statue depicting the fight between Ifrit and Phoenix in the logo’s artwork, a set of 8 pins depicting the Eikons, and a code to receive Firion’s Blood Sword in-game, in addition to the Deluxe Edition’s Steelbook and cloth map.

Earlier in the evening, Final Fantasy XIV won both categories it was nominated for: Best Ongoing Game, and Best Community Support. Yoshida did not receive the awards in person, appearing on-stage only to introduce the trailer.

As this “Revenge” trailer declared, fate will be written in fire—and about as soon as we might have expected. Stay tuned to Final Fantasy Union for more coverage on Final Fantasy XVI as we approach its launch, just six months away.

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