We’ve had plenty of different people helping out with Final Fantasy Union throughout the years, whether it be on the website or via the podcast. We’re eternally grateful for everyone’s support, whether it was contributing a feature or lending their voice to the show. Below you’ll find a list of the current staffers and also those who are no longer regular contributors, but helped out immensely!

Current Staffers


Founded Final Fantasy Union back in 2008 and has written more than his fair share of content relating to the Final Fantasy franchise. Also has a deep love for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles despite everyone telling him he’s a buffoon.


Lauren joined the Final Fantasy Union crew after transitioning over from being a co-host on the Kingdom Hearts Union podcast. She is currently responsible for the majority of social media content you’ll see! Very much the engine of the website, to the point where some people mistake her for a Cindy.


A Canadian writer and geekdom enthusiast, Chris has never found a Final Fantasy he couldn’t appreciate. If he were to choose a Job class to represent him, he’d like to say Paladin, though Scholar is more likely. Check out his site for more of his ramblings!

Former Staff Members

– Kyle Wynen (Original Podcast Host)
– David Turner (Original Podcast Co-Host)
– Jamie Courts (Podcast Co-Host)
– Lauren McFadden (Podcast Co-Host)
– Colin Tan (Podcast Co-Host)
– Spencer Pressley (Podcast Co-Host)
– Brian Arnold (Audio Producer)
– Nelson (Content Writer)
– Banaz (News Writer)
– Alex Advani (News Writer)
– Alex Maine (News/Features Writer)
– Jared Scott (Podcast Co-Host)
– Brayden (News Writer)

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