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Over the years, we here at Final Fantasy Union have forged some long-lasting relationships with other websites. It’s sad to say that many have fallen by the wayside, but there are still plenty of websites that are still active and are going strong.

Final Fantasy

– TheLifestream.net
There aren’t so many Final Fantasy fansites out there any more, but they used to be a dime a dozen. The Lifesteam wanted to carve a niche and they did just that by providing significant depth in the realm of translation. You will find very detailed analysis of Ultimania guides and they’ve even worked on their own audio books.

– Hell and Heaven Net
One of the oldest Final Fantasy websites still around, Hell and Heaven Net dates abck to 2005. Still active today, you can find information about most of the PlayStation releases, albeit via an older version of the website.


– Creative Uncut
– Metroid Recon
– The Seikens

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