Final Fantasy XVI Tracks Not Currently Being Considered For Theatrhythm Final Bar Line

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line features over 500 tracks, but even though Final Fantasy XVI releases in just four months time, no tracks from that particular game feature in the roster.

To date, three DLC packs have been announced for Final Bar Line, with many of the tracks related to non-Final Fantasy properties. However, the majority of the tracks focus on existing games, as opposed to upcoming games. The original Theatrhythm handled upcoming games in a similar manner, but an exception was made for Somnus due to how popular that particular track had become.

When speaking with Ichiro Hazama (Producer) and Masanobu Suzui (Director), we asked about their stance on Final Fantasy XVI, and they responded by saying that they were not considering tracks from that game at the moment. When pressed as to why, Hazama said:

“In terms of creating stages for Theatrhythm based on another game, as you see in all the little details that are put into it, we really need to know what that game is about before we play it. We need to know what the really memorable music tracks are and what the real memorable scenes are so we can make the backgrounds to them properly.

Neither myself or Mr. Suzui know a lot about Final Fantasy XVI at the moment. I think all the information that we have, it’s probably not much different to what you [the public] know about Final Fantasy XVI, so we really need to play it first before we even think about what to include from it.”

That’s not to say that Final Fantasy XVI won’t be included within future downloadable content packs, but for right now, it’s not something they are able to consider.

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