Final Fantasy Union: Episode 98

Another week brings another episode of Final Fantasy Union! Darryl and Lauren are back once again to discuss all things Final Fantasy. The duo have been on some great FF adventures recently and they can’t wait to regale you with their tales. First up was their experience at the Final Fantasy 14 Fan Festival in London. Hear how wonderful and detailed the festival was and what Darryl and Lauren were able to do while they were there.

They then talk about their back-to-back Final Fantasy concerts they were able to attend: The big Distant Worlds orchestral concert and the more intimate A New World concert. Next up is the news from the past couple of weeks. The couple talks about the new Final Fantasy 15 footage, enemies, and how both the English and Japanese dubs may be available in the western release. Also, SE announced that they have set an internal release date for the game. Next is the news for Type-0 which came in the form of a new trailer as well as Tabata expressing an interest in making more Type games. We’ll see what happens.

Darryl and Lauren then connect with special guest Brian who is the final FFU Quiz contestant. Is he able to take the lead? There’s only one way to find out. Rounding out the show is the customary remix and this show brings you a wonderful re-arrangement of a Type-0 track that’s a ton of fun. Bundle up, keep warm, and we’ll see you guys again in a few weeks!

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