Final Fantasy Union: Episode 88

Greetings everyone and welcome back to another episode of Final Fantasy Union. This show is a wild ride that you’re sure to enjoy. Join Darryl and Lauren as they jump into the fray. This episode starts off with a retrospective look at the Final Fantasy 13 franchise; the good and the bad. Next up, the news.

The duo discusses new info for Lightning Returns including its sales reports in Japan and pre order deals and extras for the western audience. There is also news for the FF10 XD release including the strong sales figures in Japan and information on the collectors edition of the games. The news rounds out with information from Final Fantasy 14 including a PS4 release date and subscription time cards for the North America audiences.

Next up is a brand new section in which Darryl and Lauren quiz a member of the audience. Listen in as fan Ianba is put through the paces! After the quiz, the couple moves into your questions! This time, they talk about what SE’s biggest mistake was in the previous console generation and whether or not there is enough demand for FFX-3 for SE to make a decent return on investment. Lots of fun conversations to be had so don’t miss out.

The show rounds out, as you may have guessed, with a piece of music. This episode showcases a remix from Final Fantasy 10 that you won’t want to miss! We hope you enjoy the newest section to the podcast and we’ll see you next time.

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