How To Unlock the Blue Mage in Stranger of Paradise

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin adds an iconic class in its second DLC, “Wanderer of the Rift.” Here’s how you can use your enemies’ attacks against them.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin featured a plethora of Jobs within its base game, with three new Jobs (Pilgrim, Evoker and Summoner) added as part of Trials of the Dragon King, the first downloadable expansion to appear as part of the Season Pass!

Within the second piece of DLC, dubbed “Wanderer of the Rift”, which focuses around the titular villain Gilgamesh, extends the Job roster by adding another fan favourite, the Blue Mage! But just as with the Summoner, Blue Mage is not available to the player after loading up the new expansion, it must instead be earned through story progression.

How To Unlock the Blue Mage in Stranger of Paradise

It should first be noted that outside of “Wanderer of the Rift.”, to gain access to the Blue Mage Job, you need to have completed the Stranger of Paradise main story campaign as well as the first DLC set, “Trials of the Dragon King.”

From that point on, you need to embrace the new gameplay mechanic, which is built around the Rift Labyrinth, to not only beat the first Null Void boss encounter against Gilgamesh, but also the second Null Void boss encounter against Gilgamesh.

Once Gilgamesh has been defeated for the second time, players acquire one of Gilgamesh’s weapons (Excalipoor), and this will grant automatic access to the Blue Mage Job, which has a Max Job Level of 135!

Blue Mage Unique Abilities

By default, the Blue Mage comes with an array of Stat Boosts (Strength +4, Agility +2, Stamina +2, Intellect +2, Spirit +4, Luck +2).

The Blue Mage Job Affinity will also increase various attributes through “Blue Mage’s Wisdom”, with “Learning” increasing the number of instant abilities acquired when using the Soul Shield and “Burst Affinity” used to restore MP when landing an enemy ability.

Its Command Ability is Azure Lore. This allows Jack to consume one use of an instant ability to boost Jack’s six main stats. (Note that you need to get instant abilities from enemies in order to use this.) Based on this, it’s easy to see how the Blue Mage can become quite the power player,

Blue Mages can also use R2 to cast Blue Magic, and these spells can be charged to increase damage,

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