Shinra HQ Floor 63: Get All the Items

Floor 63 of the Shinra HQ is a worthy pitstop as you raid the villains’ lair in Final Fantasy VII. Here’s how to solve the door puzzle and grab all the items on your way.

The Shinra HQ is an exciting sequence, but it does offer you a couple chances to slow down and pick up some optional items along the way. These are by no means required, as you can head straight to the stairs and continue up from here, but the three rewards on Floor 63 could make a considerable difference at this point in the game.

If you don’t want to spend too much time fiddling with the door puzzle—especially after playing Mayor Domino‘s little game on the floor below—follow these steps:

How Floor 63’s Puzzle Works

You’ll enter the floor from the elevators at the bottom of the screen. Head to the small room on the right before doing anything else, and examine the computer. It will assess the keycard you received from Domino and permit you to open up to three of the security doors at one time. It also warns you not to the enter the air conditioning vents, but hey, we’re AVALANCHE, you can’t tell us what to do, computer.

You’re free to return to the computer at any time and reset the doors if something goes awry. Luckily, once you’ve picked up the coupons scattered around, they remain in your inventory and do not reset with the doors. Your coupons can be redeemed for prizes from this computer as well.

The Solution

From the computer room door, run around to the top of the screen and open both doors at the top (see the screenshot gallery above). You’re then able to enter the leftmost room and get the A Coupon. Disregard the computer’s warning and hop into the air duct here.

Follow the path inside the vents and take the topmost path; the rightmost leads to the computer room, but we’re not headed back there yet. This will drop you in the right-central room where you can grab the B Coupon.

Leave this room and open the door on the left, the last of your three door choices. You’re then free to enter the room and grab the final C Coupon.

With the goodies in hand, return to the vent and crawl back to the computer room.

The Rewards

So, what did we earn with this little digression?

  • A Coupon can be redeemed for a Star Pendant, which could possibly be the first accessory you’ve picked up so far in Final Fantasy VII. Once equipped, it makes the wearer immune to the Poison status effect. This will come in handy for the rest of our visit to Shinra HQ, so you’d be wise to put it on Cloud. (Star Pendants are on sale later for 4000G, or found/dropped in a couple other places in the next leg of the story.)
  • B Coupon earns you the Four Slots. This piece of armour does exactly what it says on the tin: it has four (unlinked) materia slots. At this point of the game, you’ll be starting to link materia for stronger effects, but if you have several materia you want to give one character and don’t need to combo them, this could be worth equipping.
  • C Coupon trades for an All Materia. By the end of the game you’ll probably be drowning in these, but at this point they’re very handy. This is the second piece you can pick up, and you’ll soon receive a third; it’s wise to give one to a character and link it with Cure.

And that’s all there is to it! Floor 63 looks complicated but it’s actually very simple, especially since there are no random encounters. Move on to floor 64 for a save point and continue the raid on Shinra HQ!

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