Final Fantasy Union: Matthew Mercer (Trey From Type-0 HD) Interview

For the eleventh interview in our Final Fantasy Type-0 HD voice actor series, we got the chance to speak with Matthew Mercer (the voice of Trey). This, as with all the previous ones, was conducted in partnership with Square Enix.

You might also know Matthew from his roles in various other games including Resident Evil (Leon S. Kennedy), Persona 4: Arena (Kanji), and Super Street Fighter IV (Fei-Long). He’s also been in a number of anime shows/films including Sailor Moon R (Prince Dimande), Naruto: Shippuden (Shiranami), and Fate/Zero (Kiritsugu Emiya). He even lent his voice to a number of characters in the series “There Will be Brawl”. In this interview, we talk about his love for Final Fantasy and his Trey similarities, amongst other things!

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