Final Fantasy Union: Episode 99

Welcome back everyone to the last episode of Final Fantasy Union for the year of 2014! Darryl and Lauren sit down one final time this year to dive into all thing Final Fantasy. The duo round out the year with some site updates, some news, and a TON of your questions! After announcing the general updates from the site, Darryl and Lauren take a look at the recent news that’s been released.

First is the Final Fantasy 15 demo and how it won’t be available at the launch of Type-0 AND it will only be available for a short time. Speaking of Type-0, there have been a few new trailers for the game that have showcased some rather gritty subject matter that could be very interesting! And finally, Final Fantasy 13-2 is coming to PC with all the DLC included! Next up: your questions and there are a LOT this episode!

The duo discuss issues such as favorite characters from FF9, what FF needs more or less of, which FF worlds should be expanded further, river vs. mountain chocobos, new forms of transportation in FF15, what other podcasts would they do other than FF, whether FF games should have a faster release cycle, and more (literally, there are several more). As you can imagine, there are plenty of tangents and rants to enjoy!

We round out the year of FFU episodes with a great remix from Final Fantasy 7 that sends 2014 out with style! We hope you guys have a wonderful and safe holiday season and we’ll see you all again in 2015 for episode 100!

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