Final Fantasy Union: Episode 97

Final Fantasy Union is back once again to give you your weekly serving of all things Final Fantasy. Darry and Lauren sit down with special guest, Stealth, and they dive headfirst into the fray. First up, the trio talks about the rumor concerning Final Fantasy 16 that’s been going around. Is it too early to speculate? How accurate could it be? Next is news concerning Final Fantasy 15; the biggest piece of news has been that Nomura has been removed as the director for the project. Is this a good thing or will it hurt the franchise? Rants, tangents, and discussions are ever present on this hot button issue.

In addition to Nomura leaving the project, they also talk about the game being half completed, a new combat system being announced, the game wanting to reach a new and broader audience, and the huge demo that will be out with the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD remake. Speaking of Type-0, we FINALLY have a release date in the west! They also talk about how Agito+ will be coming to the Vita as well as FF13 being released on PC for the first time!

Next up, the Final Fantasy Quiz. Listen in as contestant Josh tries his luck. Does he give our current leader a run for his money or does he fall short? Listen in to find out. The show rounds out with a great remix from Final Fantasy 4 that ends the show with style! We hope you guys are as excited about the future of Final Fantasy as we are and we’ll see you all again in just a few short weeks!

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