Final Fantasy Union: Episode 96

Welcome back everyone to another episode of Final Fantasy Union. Darryl and Lauren sit down once again to chat about the world of Final Fantasy but this time, they are joined by a very special guest: Michael from RPGamer! This show, you are in for a massive amount of discussion and ranting about Square Enix, so sit back and enjoy!

First up is an in depth discussion about the upcoming Tokyo Game Show. The gang talks not about what will be there, but rather what won’t be at the show. Is not having FF15 or Type-0 at the show a good thing or a bad thing? Next up is more news about some of the Final Fantasy projects. The trio talks about Type-0’s showing at PAX and the new info we got from the show, new release dates and job classes announced for Final Fantasy Explorers, as well as some miscellaneous information coming from the company including things like a new studio, new additions to FF14, and a new streaming service. The flood of news brings about a lot of tangents and ranting that you’re sure to enjoy!

Rounding out the show like always is the music segment and this show, we have a great remix from Final Fantasy 8 that you’re sure to enjoy. We really hope you enjoy the longer show and we’ll see you guys again soon!

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