Final Fantasy Union: Episode 94

Final Fantasy Union is BACK AGAIN for another fun show. Darryl and Lauren sit down and talk about all things Final Fantasy. First topic on the list is controversial! The couple discuss the recent Type-0 fan translation cancellation by Square Enix. Darryl and Lauren read some of your comments to get your feelings on the situation. Interestingly, your responses are pretty varied. How do Darryl and Lauren feel? You’ll have to listen to find out.

Next up, the news and we have some great announcements to talk about this episode. First up is the new Explorers game that’s been announced. They talk about its release date, the musical theme that’s been released, and the classes that have been announced. Next up is the cryptic announcement for Record Keeper. What does the timer on the teaser site mean? Will it only be a Japanese release? More information is sure to come.

The Final Fantasy Quiz is the next part of the show. Join David as he tests his skills and knowledge; listen in to see how he does! Rounding out the show as usual is the music segment and we have an awesome Final Fantasy 7 remix that will kick your teeth in! We really hope you guys enjoyed the show this week and we’ll be back with you again soon! Cheers!

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