Final Fantasy Union: Episode 92

Another day, another episode of Final Fantasy Union! Welcome back everyone for the 92nd episode of FFU. Darryl is joined as always by Lauren and Spencer and they jump right into the main course of the show: what’s going to happen at E3? They start off giving their individual thoughts on what we’ll see. Are they optimistic or pessimistic?

They then break down E3 based on the different FF games. First up is Final Fantasy XV; will there be a new trailer or news that we don’t already know? Maybe even a release date?!? The gang then talks about FF Type-0/Agito. There’s been almost no word on this game. Is it time for Square Enix to release the game? And let’s not forget about SE’s most popular title right now: Final Fantasy XIV. When will the new expansion be here? We have so many questions and hopes for E3 this year; with any luck, Square Enix will not disappoint. Perhaps they will raise the bar from last year. We’ll know very soon!

The FF Quiz is back this show with Colson; listen in to see how he does and whether or not he tops the chart! The show rounds out with a wonderful remix from Final Fantasy 7 that you’re sure to dig. Enjoy the show, keep your fingers crossed for E3, and we’ll see you guys in a couple of weeks!

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