Final Fantasy Union: Episode 86

Hey everyone and welcome back to the next episode of Final Fantasy Union! This 86th episode sees Darryl who is joined by Lauren and Spencer and the trio make their way into the world of Final Fantasy. First up is the news and this week we have a lot!

First up is an interview where a producer shares that younger fans prefer spin-offs to main games; the ranting ensues. Lightning Returns has its release in Japan, more characters are returning, and the Japanese audio will be available for all (free for some). Final Fantasy X HD get’s a western release date but the Vita version is in limbo with no new information. Final Fantasy XIV has a new patch coming out in December and Lightning makes a appearance in the MMO. And there may be a new Dissidia game on the SE production floor. Next up are your responses to the Burning Question which had to do with whether or not you’re playing FInal Fantasy XIV right now. You guys are definitely playing the game and seem to be enjoying it (as we are)!

The new question is a big one: “Regarding Lightning Returns, will less be more?” Get your answers in! Now it’s time for the gang to answer your questions. The trio talks about how the XIII battle system is different and requires a different play style, whether female protagonists are as good in FF as the male, and what will SE do after they release FFXV. As you can imagine, there is some wonderful discussion here! the show rounds out with a fun remix from Final Fantasy 4. We hope you all have a WONDERFUL rest of the year and FFU will see you again in 2014!

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