Final Fantasy Union: Episode 85

Welcome back once more to another episode of Final Fantasy Union! This extra long show features Darryl who is joined by Lauren and special guest Brian and they have a lot to talk about. First up is the news (with a healthy supply of ranting). The trio discusses the creation of a new quality control panel; who’s on it, is it good, and more!

Then, there is a bit of news about Lighting Returns including no plans for Final Fantasy XIII-4 and new gameplay footage showing off different mechanics from the game. The Final Fantasy X HD game finally gets a Japanese release date, but no release date for the west. Final Fantasy XIV gets a big patch working on end game dungeons, population caps, server transfers, and more and they release a lot of new information on Housing coming in 2.1. There is a Final Fantasy VII PC mod that’s getting some cool attention. And finally, Final Fantasy VI is coming to mobile devices.

Next up are your answers to the burning question which dealt with what FF game should be turned into a musical/opera. Your answers were wildly creative and fun! Get your answers in for the next Burning Question which is “Are you playing Final Fantasy XIV?” After your responses, the gang spends a little more time talking about Final Fantasy XIV and their adventures so far! This long episode ends as it always does with a great remix; this time you’ll be able to hear a great FF7 remix! Enjoy the show and we’ll see you again in November!

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