Final Fantasy Union: Episode 79

Welcome back again to world of Final Fantasy with this, the 79th episode of Final Fantasy Union. We have your fix from the Final Fantasy universe this week with Darryl who is joined by Lauren and Spencer! First up, the news, and boy do we have some doosies this time. The gang talks about the Final Fantasy X HD remix that will include X-2. Unfortunately, if you want it for the Vita, you’ll have to buy them both (X and X-2) separately. In addition, they talk about how the music from FF came in third in the Classic FM Hall of Fame because of your support!

And then the biggest piece of news: Yoichi Wada steps down from being the president of Square Enix most likely due to huge financial losses (listen to the show to hear what the losses were). Next up on the schedule is the Burning Question. SInce SE announced all information about FFX HD, the old BQ wasn’t relevant anymore, so we asked another. The trio spends time reading your thoughts on Wada leaving and what it could mean for SE, and you don’t hold back (which we love)!

And lastly, we have your questions and this week, there is a great discussions. Listen in as they talk about whether or not future FF games should be cross platform as the XIII series has been. As always, don’t miss out on the music segment at the very end. In honor of the news about FFX HD, the remix this week comes from the game and you won’t want to miss it! This explosive show is one that you won’t want to skip!

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