Final Fantasy Union: Episode 67

Annnnnnddddd we’re back again with another show of Final Fantasy Union and this is a long one, folks. This week, Darryl is joined by Lauren and Brian they talk about a lot of various topics (with a healthy dose of rage). They start off with news about FF13-2 DLC and, believe it or not, Versus.

After that, the gang go into your responses from the previous show and there’s a lot of hater-ade, so enjoy! Be sure to answer the new BQ which is “Do you want more installments from the Fabula Nova Crystallis series?” And then they move into a boatload of questions. To keep the description from being a wall of text, you’ll have to listen to hear what all they talk about!

And of course, they rock the music segment with a remix from Final Fantasy 10. We’ve got a lot of great stuff this show, so be sure to listen in and enjoy! Final Fantasy Union is part of the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Union podcast channel on Gaming Union/iTunes and releases an episode of FFU every four weeks.

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