Final Fantasy Union: Episode 60

We are back with another fun episode of Final Fantasy Union with lots of news and questions. Darryl is joined by Colin and Lauren and they jump straight into the news from FF including FF13-2’s announced DLC, the European pre-order bonuses for FF13-2, and the new release dates and versions for FF14.

After the trio rants about how asinine FF14’s release dates are, they move into the burning question seamlessly which is “will you ever play Final Fantasy 14.” The answers are quite varied and may surprise you. After going through your responses, they transition into your questions. This week, the group covers three: what our younger selves would think about the current FF titles, why people want remakes of FF titles but then complain when they’re not getting new games, and how well with the FF10 HD remake sell.

And when they’re done talking about FF10, the show rounds out with a great remix from FF10. This show is positively full of craziness and fun, so don’t miss out! Final Fantasy Union is part of the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Union podcast channel on Gaming Union/iTunes and releases an episode of FFU every three weeks.

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