Final Fantasy Union: Episode 59

The new episode of FFU is here and packed full of news for FF13-2 and FF14. This week, Darryl is joined by Colin, David, and Lauren to tackle all of these breaking stories. They start off by going through all the news from FF13-2 including seeing the new Snow and Hope, the announcement of a new area like the Gold Saucer from FF7, DLC for post launch, Music, and more.

After they wade through it, they move onto the news from FF14 which deals with the new update that has just been released. After a quick breather, the group launches into the responses from last episode’s Burning Question, which was “What are your thoughts about the FF13-3 domain registration?” And what would a FFU episode be without your questions and this time, there are two. They answer questions about a new FF11 compilation and the best written character story.

The show is rounded up with a fantastic remix from FF5. If you want to hear the massive developments in the Final Fantasy franchise, then tune in now! Final Fantasy Union is part of the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Union podcast channel on Gaming Union/iTunes and releases an episode of FFU every three weeks.

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