Final Fantasy Union: Episode 101

Episode 101 is here and boy do we have a show for you! We are joined by our good friend Mark Robins to talk about a wide array of topics, but the primary one is video game music.

Mark is the driving force behind the campaign to get video game music much wider recognition and a large part of this focusses around the Classic FM Hall of Fame. In past years, the music of Final Fantasy, The Elder Scrolls, Banjo Kazooie and more have been featured and it’s all thanks to the community. We would encourage you to vote if you haven’t already, but of course you don’t have to vote solely for video game music if you don’t want to!

In addition, we have a featured discussion about a potential Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster. There are numerous points of view expressed by community members, with part of the discussion revolving around whether or not it should include the Zodiac Job System and whether people would buy it if it didn’t.

There’s also some news about Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, specifically a huge mass of trailers. There’s also a small piece of news relating to Final Fantasy XV as Episode Duscae was featured towards the end of one of the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD trailers.

Music this episode comes from Final Fantasy VIII via a remix of Force Your Way by Blinn.

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